Whiteknights National Results


Egham Trophy-

Won 96-61 vs Hounslow

Lost 74-82 vs Egham

Denny Cup-

Won 77-34 vs West Berks

Won 84-76 vs Swindon Westlecot

Won 94-59 vs Foxhill

Won vs Riverain

Lost to Swale

LSC Shield-

Won 89-76 vs West Berks

Won vs Foxhill

Lost vs Hounslow

Leonard Denny-

Won 44-31 vs Five Rivers

Won vs Loddon Vale

Won vs Oxford City and County

Lost to Victory

Top Club-

Won 10-6 vs Oxford City and county

Won 10-6 vs Desborough

Won 10-6 vs Egham

Won 10-6 vs Chigwell

Lost 6-10 vs Swale

Yetton Trophy-

Won 114-48 vs Swindon Manor

Lost 77-88 vs Desborough

Over 60's Double Rink-

A team- Won 38-24 vs Handy Cross

A Team- Won 42-22 vs Oxford City and County

A Team- Won vs Desborough- score tbc

B team- Lost 24-47 vs Desborough

A Team lost vs Desborough

Mason Trophy-

A Team- Won 35-24 vs Desborough

A Team- Lost 25-36 vs Handy Cross

B Team- Won 34-29 vs West Berks

B Team -Lost vs Handy Cross

Vivienne Trophy-

Lost 63-65 vs Egham


Under 25's Double Rink-

Won W/O vs Swindon Westlecot

Lost vs Wey Valley