Taking care of our most important asset


Our members come to Whiteknights to enjoy their sport on the best possible bowling surface.

In 2012 we invested over £30,000 for a new bowling carpet and we do our best to keep the carpet in perfect condition. It is stretched a couple of times each season and is vacuumed at least twice a week.

Our business plan assumes the carpet will last 12/14 years but we know this can be far exceeded with the right care and attention.

You will have noticed that both ends of rink six have been badly stained by some kind of liquid gripper. Specialist cleaning to remove the stains is costing the Club around one thousand pounds. This means we will have less funds available for other maintenance projects and could impact the Club fees for next season.


How you can help to keep it in perfect condition

  1. Always wear bowling shoes with perfectly flat soles. Training shoes with a tread on the soles can damage the carpet fibres and must not be used.

  2. We would strongly request that you do not wear bowling shoes outside the Club. Popping out to the car, or going out for a smoke, risks taking a stone, or some contaminant, onto the carpet resulting in considerable damage.

  3. You must not use grippo or glycerine and rose water on your bowls. These will quickly get transferred to the carpet and cause expensive damage.

  4. We do not allow food or drink to be taken onto the bowling green. It is easy to drop chocolate or sticky sweets on to the carpet and coffee or sugary drinks will cause serious staining if spilled on to the bowling surface. If you chew gum please sure it is properly disposed of.Please pay attention to the above “rules” which apply to visiting bowlers as well as Whiteknights members.Thank you for your support.

  5. We are sure our members will react positively to protect the Club’s most important asset. However, if further damage occurs we will have to consider stronger action.