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Members Satisfaction Survey Feedback

We promised to provide feedback to our members on the results of the Satisfaction Survey carried out in January.

Recently we published details of the ratings you gave us in 23 areas of the Club’s facilities and various bowling and social activities. Overall we achieved a performance rating of 86.7% (our target is 90% so we still have work to do).

A large number of the completed survey forms contained additional comments and we carefully read every one of them. We were pleased to receive many positive responses but your Board will be considering four topics which received the greatest number of adverse comments:

  1. The Club’s crowded bowling schedule

  2. Requirement to further improve member’s knowledge of Directors and Bowling Committee

  3. Catering

  4. Improvements to ladies and gents changing roomsWe will feed back to members the results of our deliberations and the action we will be taking on each of the above topics.There are many other suggestions raised by only a small number of members but which the Board feel should be implemented. We will take action on many of these suggestions over the next month or so.Thank you all for your continuing support.


Members’ Satisfaction Survey Feedback


Analysis of the members’ feedback from the January Satisfaction Survey revealed four areas which received the greatest number of adverse comments:

The Club’s crowded bowling schedule; Requirement to further improve knowledge of Directors & Bowling Committee; Catering; Improvements to ladies and gents changing rooms. In this communication we review one of these four areas.


Improvements to ladies and gents changing rooms


Member Feedback

Members mentioned that the lockers in both gents and ladies changing rooms are badly worn. They reminded us that management had committed to purchasing new lockers to replace those that needed updating.



The Club management is fully committed to upgrading the ladies and gents changing rooms including new lockers where required.

It should be appreciated that this is a major undertaking since there are a total of 900 lockers in both changing rooms.


Action plan

  • Decoration of ladies changing room.

  • Commence rolling locker replacement programme:

    • Priority will be given to gents changing room owing to bad condition of their lockers.

    • Pursue any possible grants that may be available.

    • First phase to be completed by end of September 2018. This represents a minimum of 30% of lockers in the gents changing rooms.

    • Second phase to commence summer 2019.

  • Carpet in gents changing rooms to be replaced on completion of second phase.


We greatly appreciate your input and continued support. If you have any additional comments on our action plan for improvements to ladies and gents changing rooms please speak to Andy Knapper or Club Chairman Edna Orchard on 0118 9731067


AEH April 2018



To Michael Knight and Robert Newman on reaching the final of the National Pairs losing out to Mark Dawes the current World Champion. A great effort from the lads.


Men's Champion of Champions

Congratulations to Robert Newman on a great run in the Men's Champion of Champion, Robert reached the final just losing out 17-21 to Jamie Chestney of Exonia in a great final.


Help us to celebrate

In the 2022/23 season Whiteknights will be celebrating its 50thAnniversary.

It may seem a long way off, but we are already looking at ways to mark this very important event for our Club.

We are planning to publish an illustrated booklet setting out the history of Whiteknights from the start to the present day; and this is where we need your help.

We would appreciate receiving any documents or photos/illustrations relating to any aspect of our Club’s history. These will be used to help prepare the booklet and, at the same time, form part of a central file of historical materials to ensure we protect this information about our Club. If you wish to have your materials returned to you we will, of course, make sure this happens.